BR5 closed; BR6 open!

Bonus Round 5 is now closed, and Bonus Round 6, Genre-Blending, is now open for business! The post can be found right here.

Main Round 2 Vote is Open!

To determine your division, CLICK HERE.

The voting communities are the same as the previous round. In case you were not present for MR1, you must ACCEPT THE INVITATION to join your voting division community and be logged into your DW account in order to vote. If you have not received an invitation, please contact us to sort things out. 

Casting a vote will earn your team fifteen points.

This vote will end on July 31 @ 11:55PM UTC, at which point Main Round Two’s final vote will open. Click below for your poll and entry list!

br4 closed, br5 open

Bonus round 4 is now closed, and bonus round 5 (Quotes) is now open for prompts and fills!

MR2 closes tomorrow, July 14 @ 11:55 PM UTC. By now, all friendleaders should have received an invitation to the Main Round 2 community. Please check your pending invitations inbox on Dreamwidth, even if you did not get an e-mail notification. If you still do not see an invitation there, send us an e-mail ASAP at If you are a vice-FL who will need to post your team’s entry, you will also need to contact the mods for an invitation.

Main Round One: Final Rankings!!

The fifteen highest ranking teams for the Main Round One are:

1. Robots (41 votes)
2. John <3 Rose (40 votes)
3. John <3< Tavros (35 votes)
4. Dualscar <3 Psiioniic (34 votes)
5. Eridan <3 Roxy (32 votes)
6. Equius <3 Sollux (31 votes)
7. Dave <3 Jade <3 John <3 Rose (27 votes)
7. Terezi <3 Vriska (27 votes)
9. Guardians (26 votes)
10. Eridan <> Feferi (25 votes)

11. Dave <3 Nepeta (24 votes)
12. Rose <3 Roxy (23 votes)
13. Dave <3 John (22 votes)
14. Eridan <3 Feferi <3 Sollux (20 votes)
15. Eridan <3< Sollux (15 votes)

If you’re additionally curious about more, please refer to the Main Round 1 tabulation spreadsheet, which has information such as:
  • Lists of everyone who voted in both the final vote and the preliminary vote, separated by team! If your name is listed on at least one of those sheets, you will receive 15 points for voting. Nifty!
  • The rankings of all other teams, which can be found in the preliminary vote tallies!
  • Final vote tallies!

Congratulations to everybody, especially to the top ten teams!!! Points will be allotted on the Big Kahuna spreadsheet by the end of the day! 

All Main Round 1 entries are now allowed to be discussed and cross-posted freely without worrying about the anonymity policy! This Main Round was definitely something to be proud of!! Absolutely feel free to comment on this post, but please be mindful our anti-wank policy - be nice!

Voting for MR1 is now closed!!

As of 11.55 UTC, the polls are closed and all votes are in for the first Main Round of the HSWC 2014! Hurray and well done!!

The excitement’s not even close to over, though - BR4's still going strong with a bunch of superb prompts and fills, and MR2's well underway! 



Do you love Homestuck? Do you want to support your fandom? Do you have free time this summer? Do you have experience in any sort of leadership position (either online/in a fandom or offline)?

If the answer to these questions was “Yes!”, then we’d love to have you on the HSWC 2014 mod team!

We could really use more hands on deck to help us keep everything running smoothly for this year’s HSWC. You’d be joining an awesome group of friendly, mature, and organized mods with a ton of infrastructure in place to help you do your job efficiently and well, so you don’t have to worry about being left out to dry or going it alone. We need you!

HSWC Mods are most directly responsible for tabulating their liaison teams’ bonus round / main & collab round / round voting points, as well as staying in touch with their teams when they need help.  More generally, all the mods also work together to keep an eye on things, help establish HSWC rules and protocol, and sort out misunderstandings.  The workload is generally about two-four hours a week.

If you’re interested, please click the “Read More” to learn how to apply!

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Ignore our previous message, the preliminary vote polls are all back open.

Attn: Division 3 & Noir

This is your last change/update. We swear. (Divisions 1, 2, and 4, you’re all still fine—no worries.)

After discussion with Team Kismesissitude, their entry has been re-qualified for Main Round 1 voting.

Division 3: The new (and final) voting post is over here. If you vote in this poll, it will override your vote(s) in previous polls.

Team Noir: Your new voting post is over here.

If you do not remember which teams you voted for previously, feel free to send us a private message and we will copy your vote back to you. Do not e-mail or send a Tumblr ask for this purpose, as DW private message is the only way to ensure vote confidentiality.

We’re really sorry about all the run-around. We feel certain that this is the very last change that could occur to your division.  We’ve learned quite a bit from this past week, and will be making changes to future voting periods to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to work with us.

MR1 Voting Issue: Resolution

The good news is that if you are a member of Divisions 1, 2, or 4, or a member of Team Noir, you are not affected by any of the following. Your existing vote polls are perfectly fine, and no action is required. You can determine your division by clicking here.

If you are a member of Division 3, there was a problem with your vote post and it had to be remade. We were alerted yesterday that some teams were absent from our list for Division 4, the division you are voting on this round.

Most of these absences were intentional, as they were for teams who had earned a voting disqualification for one reason or another. However, there were two teams who had valid entries but were still absent from the vote poll. Those teams were Dave<3Karkat and Eridan<3Sollux.

We have remade the vote post for Division 3, and it can be found here. In order to mitigate the effects of this on you, the participants, we have saved the data from all previous votes. Members of Division 3 can find a list here of participants for whom we have saved the voting records from the first two polls. If your vote would not change as a result of the newest poll, you do not have to recast your vote. If your username is on this list, we will count your old vote for scoring, and your team will receive vote points for your previous vote.

If you choose to recast your vote in the new poll, it will override the vote we have saved for you. You will only receive points once for voting in this round.

Since we are honoring previous votes and there are only two extra entries for this division to read, we will not be extending the voting period. This round of voting will still end at the originally scheduled time, June 26 @ 11:55PM UTC, at which point Main Round One’s final vote will open.

If you do not remember which teams you voted for, feel free to send us a private message and we will copy your vote back to you. Do not e-mail or send a Tumblr ask for this purpose, as DW private message is the only way to ensure vote confidentiality.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and we hope it does not affect your enjoyment of the event this year.