Collab Round Final Standings

The top sixteen ranked teams of the Collab Round are:

1. Hella Jeff <3 Sweet Bro (27 votes)
2. Ancestors (20 votes)
3. Alpha!Dave <3 Alpha!Rose (19 votes)
4. John <3< Tavros (17 votes)
5. Eridan <3 Feferi <3 Sollux (16 votes)
5. Kanaya <> Karkat (16 votes)
7. Rose <3 Roxy (15 votes)
8. Dave <3 Jade <3 John <3 Rose (12 votes)
8. Gamzee <> Karkat (12 votes)
10. Guardians (11 votes)
10. Dave <3 Nepeta (11 votes)


11. Dirk <3 Jake (10 votes)
11. Dave <3 Karkat (10 votes)
12. Dirk <3 Jane (8 votes)
12. Dave <3 John (8 votes)
12. Eridan <3 Roxy (8 votes)

For more information, please refer to the Collab Round Tabulation Spreadsheet, which has information such as: 

Congratulations to the top teams! Points will be allotted on the Big Kahuna spreadsheet by the end of the day.

All Collab Round entries can now be discussed and cross-posted freely without worrying about the anonymity policy. You can comment on this post, but please mind our anti-wank commenting policy.

Final Score Cross-Check

As we’re winding down, we think it’s important for you all to double check that your scores from bonus rounds, voting, etc. look accurate. Here is the link to how scoring works, and here is the link to the Big Kahuna Spreadsheet. Please note that the posted scores are not up-to-date, as we are still scoring bonus rounds and the collab round. 

If you spot any errors or you don’t think that you got the correct amount of points for a certain round, please email us at telling us what the discrepancy is. If it’s a bonus round score, we would appreciate it if you could attach a document that lists your submissions so we can look through that. Thank you!

Collab Round Issue

We received a report that there was a mistake made when the collab vote poll was created. Specifically, instead of it only being open to members of the HSWC DW, it was open to all registered DW users. Given we found this out a week into voting, we decided to close the poll and create a new poll for the top 15 finalists for you all to vote on this week. This is so the previous poll is not put to waste, and we can comb through the votes already cast to make sure all voters are actually part of the community. 

There will be an update sometime tomorrow (8/20) with the top fifteen rankings, the final round poll, and the preliminary vote spreadsheet. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error. The final vote deadline will be extended an appropriate amount of time if necessary. Thank you for your patience.

BR6 Closed, BR7 and BR8 are open!

Bonus Round 6 has ended, and Bonus Round 7 (Companion Pieces) and Bonus Round 8 (Recommendations) are now open. These rounds will be open until August 26th at 11:55 PM UTC. 

Collaboration Round Ends!!

As of 11:55 pm UTC, the submission deadline for the Collab Round is closed. Thank you everybody so much for all your group effort! Voting will be up and ready to go in a couple of days, but until then take a break!! It’s well-earned!!

Reminder that minor edits are in fact allowed to your entry right up until voting opens up on August 12 at 12:05 AM UTC!!